Saturday, May 30, 2009

I like going to award shows because it's like going to a zoo for famous people - except that you can't feed them because they are all anorexic
Outside Punggol MRT, May 09, D80 70-200 2.8 FX

Life just isn't a mass rapid transport.
Don't get caught up with what everybody's doing and learn to take a step back.
Do take the time, sit back and enjoy an ice chilled beer.
Watching the world go by and taking the opportunity to learn as life tickles you with new riddles.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cherish those who care and do not take those around you for granted.
Not everyone will be there for you forever.

Tell them and let them know while you have the chance.

In Memory, St Andrews Cathedral, Feb 09

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i know you're finding it here. but its not here!

so near yet so farfetch'd
Singapore Zoological Gardens, March 08

My last post was made close to 4 months ago. Alot has happened, milestones in my life carved in stone, new opportunities opened and many new friends befriended!

Remember the post listing all the "fun & exciting" stuff that i wanna do when i get my freedom? haha Its the 5th week into my "freedom" and due to my pro procastination skills, i never got to accomplish 20% of them. My table got messier, my books/mags piled even higher and i'm in the most unfit state for this sat's sundown marathon.

---- lets take a step back into the last couple of months ----

1. Bintan "adventure" Camp (11-13th March)

okay i don't want to be a bitch or anything but the camp personels kinda suck big time. It's something that I'll never intro to my juniors or anything. But having signed up and going for the thing, might as well make the best out of it right? Yep I sure did. Sure the camp had its moments - the activities were fun but the instructors was such a turn off. What i enjoyed were the ATC trail drive where i got drenched in MUD, the ascent up Bintan Besar (the highest point on Bintan), the High Elements, Pyramid, paintball and not forgetting the swim in the resort's pool during our R&R time which the other groups didn't have. and sure being a grad student did have its advantages. But the greatest experience was the time spent with friends. I'm sure that this did bring the bunch of us from AT who went much closer. It sure was a good closure trip for the bunch of AT grad students who went.

Photos: one, two, three, four

2. Eurocopter

Eurocopter was such an enriching experience. It was more than an internship. It helped me grow all round both in well being and knowledge. Well 8 mths + have passed and it was time for me to leave the company. I must say that the emergency projects has made the Design Office tighter and we've learnt more from each other. The DO, ran by interns did have its moments! TEH man and the vietcong (NTU interns) and NORRMAAAN (NP ece) was a pleasure to work with. Our last day was quite a sad day. Vernon and I spent 270+ bucks worth of chocolates and gifts. But i guess its well spent as everyone of them taught us something. From the buttom of my heart i would like to say "thank you!" to everybody. Especially my Boss, Chek Hock. and to TEH man and Dr "vietcong" Pham all the best in all your endeavours. And to the current NP interns Marcian and Edwin! have fun! another 3 more mths!

Farewell Photos


Looking back, i remember saying "I just can't wait till i get out of this school" and truth to the matter is i kinda miss the school at times haha! After 3 years of waiting, I've finally graduated with a Diploma with Merit in Aerospace Technology. That day, i felt like a wizard from Harry Potter wearing that oversized robe. It was great seeing everybody dressed nicely in formal, something that you seldom see in a class which are usually dressed for the beach! haha. but comfortable is the new sexy ehh hahahah! Sadly that'ld be the last time I'll see some of them. To AT Class '09 all the best in all your endeavours!

Photos: one, two


I'm glad that for the past 5 weeks, I haven't really spent the time just doing nothing bumming at home! I wanted to go all out on training to make up for the lack of training during my work phase. Waking up early in the morning to run, gym in the afternoon and another run in the evening. HHAA! but that never did happen. what a faiilllll! well. Sundown's this sat and its a gg! my ankle is hurting slightly. well. at least VIETNAM'S NEXT WEEK! 3-20JUNE! AND I'LL BE LIMPING THEM WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SAIGON HERE WE COME! i bet when i come back, with all the cheap beer and cheap food, i'll put on so much weight and be in such a unfit state that i'll be reduced to 4 from 8pacs hahahahaha. failll! okay i'll be dam sad if that happens. OH yea! at least i've been "training" recently. i joined NYP track as a crasher haha. shh they don't know what hit them just yet! hahahahaha. and i did graduate with from TP with a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Managment!!! hehe.

Oh wells. at the end of the day, i'm glad for all the people in my life who have been through all these things with me. 9th july, 1130 is the date which i give my life to the servitude of the nation. okay i'm bored alr.

i shall end with a quote ~
it is our humanity and all the potential within it that makes us beautiful