Saturday, August 30, 2008


Nike+ Human Race

Really love that logo. Yep the nike+ human race is tomorrow and i'm not prepared for it! haha! going to treat it like a casual run. the race pack was rather disappointing. had couple of items missing. sent a complaint email to nike. The quality of the tee didn't match up to expectations too but the design is awsome. (: last thing to rant about - NO BLOCKAGE OF ROADS ALONG THE RACE ROUTE!!!! The race booklet is available online.

Singapore Race Route

and omg its been ages since i last posted! time has passed so quickly! submission of projects are long over and exams are waayyy over too! no more exams till UNI! YAY! spent the week prior to the exams mugging everyday at ourspace from morning till evening. freaking sian i tell you. well the last push for the final academic semester. hope i'll get good results to top the last acad sem.

so, as usual, post exam parties follows by closely. had a class gathering at chun's place. we bought the same amount of food that could feed the whole SE chalet for the first day. but no fear guys, we have many fat pigs that are capable enough to finish them. and indeed they all disappeared before dawn. met chuns, suele, eggy and the bangla at thompson plaza in the morning to get the stuffs. on the way there, coincidently i met leo who was heading to thompson plaza too, to meet tania. marinated the stuff with random concoxtions of herbs and stuff like the way we usual do it but chuns didnt have oyster sause!!! what a spoiler. had to make do with whatever then. overall, everyone had a hell of a time. this would be the last gathering before we all break and go on with our individual postings.

so 1 week has passed rather quickly and as of 1 sept i'm going to start my attachment at eurocopter! this week was rather busy with sentosa, fishing etc.

- cheers!

ps: sorry for the poor sentence structure, writing this before i turn in

Monday, August 11, 2008

Going on another haitus

Jurong Bird Park 26 March 08

School work has been piling up and i don't even have time to shoot. urg. But DDACP is OVER! 1 tough module which in my opinion deserves 12 credits has finally came to an end with the submission of proj 2, landing gear 10 and tut 3! This picture represents the same scenario of which I'm in bound by many external things unable to be free! The eyes tell us that it has accepted its fate and there's nothing it can do about it. But fortunately, unlike the bird the cage which I'm in will just disappear in 2 weeks time! omgosh that sounded so tacky! Beach bumming, BBQ, house parties, chilling, drinking, 10k race etc are the things i have to look forward to. wo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o! 22th is the date to look to. Till then, BACK TO STUDYING!

note to self: please do up a study plan

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the grass, the tree & the sky

Had an eventful past week, completed modelling the darn bombadier NLG part. As of today, i've completed most of the analysis and have decided to take the day off. But great news! Eurocopter replied on friday and my course manager said i might get in! haha!

Friday was the day the placement of IAP companies were out. A hilarious event indeed! Got into jet aviation though which wasn't my first choice. Friday was our group's "exercise" day again. While the rest went to swim, i went to gym with kheng kheng, followed by a short intense campus jog with chuns, ending with swimming with the rest of the guys.

Saturday was ubin "clean up" day. met some of the guys for changi v's nasi lemak and met up with the rest of the class to go to ubin. As pictures say a thousand words, they are up on my facebook, here & here!

okay okay enough rubbish from me. picture was taken at the bus stop near pasir ris mrt with a compact ixus 50.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Feather like sunset

a subtle and feather like sunset (reminds me of a pillow which my head is about to meet soon) while travelling along lornie. Loads of things have been happening in the past few days besides the mundane ddacp work.
  • iap announcement
  • ubin clean up