Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tie those laces mister!

Kelong, Batam, 18 May 08

Put on your running shoes mate and lets run to the beat! It has been ages since i ran mann! like 2 plus weeks?! plus i've been down with the flu bug! However today's run was fantassstic! Didn't expect this recovery run to be so enjoyable to the point i extended my route twice! Managed to keep up to my normal pace by the end of the 5-6k run. The only downside was towards the last quater of my run, mucus and phlegm started building up and it was kinda uncomfortable. Snorting the mucus out ran through my mind a dozen times but that would be too disgusting haha! Looking forward to my next 7-8k recovery run on thursday provided it doesn't rain.
Salomon X Trail 10k Race is this Sunday! and i bet my timing would be over an hour, down by LOADS. that sucks! and the last of the flu bug hasn't left me yet!

♥ running ♥ my asics! can't wait to get my ds trainers! kinda disappointed when my mum told me that the dealer ran out of my size and brought a size 8. but noooo size 8 is wayyy to biig! dang. gotta fork out more money because instead of a 40% discount from the dealer i'll have to settle with the 25% one when i get mine from queensway. this sucks ): Bought a Salomon XT Wings trail shoe though, after much self-convincing. haha. dang. 160 bucks! after a 30% discount. come on people i do accept cash/giro/cheque. gosh. there's something wrong with me, i'm on a sudden buying spree on shoes. next up, Asics DS Trainer 13, Asics Onisuka Tigers!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


zomgosh it's been almost 2 months since my previous entry. and i've got a mental note to myself not to rant about the disappointing results where my 2 credit point module screwed my perfect score (damnn.. i just had to bring it up) and the disappointing human race run. Wellll. for those who don't know me, i'm currently an intern at Eurocopter SEA (ESEA) and its loads of fun! Loads of hands of work at the hangar. Can't say what i'm working on because of the commercial secrets. heh! Working life is totally different mannn. I found out that exercise and proper sleep is very important as it makes you more alert the following day. I'm begining to find it hard to find time to work out already and my running has deproved tremendously. this sucks haha!

so here's an update to what has been happening

i try to keep myself active on weekends, join runs/races and volunteer for races since i've been missing out on so much lately.

1. BAYBEATS 08!!!
okay I know that i'm a big fan of procastination and i'll finish editing the electrico and joy electric set asap!!!!
electrico, baybeats 08
electrico, baybeats 08

2. Weekly friday workout with the usual

3. Run for hope Singapore 10k (formerly known as the terry fox run but because TF run didn't allow any kind of sponsership they changed the name). Held at East Coast Park.
The Asics tee was awesommmmmeeee. it was proper dri-fit material and didn't give me any nipple abrasions yea don't laugh you!!! It was mr Lim Zheng Ping Eugene's brithday and he celebrated it by running this 10k. He's quite sad larh. All the friends that he invited all didn't come and join him in the end. So it was only me and himm. The run was fantastic!!

4. Sentosa outings
can't remember much on them. but i remember the most recent one which chris organised together with his TP cabin crew darlings. HAD A BLAST! haha actually not really la. sentosa is kinda boring now.

5. Weekly towning

6. Swimming with mr bangla aka eugene on weekends.

tsk. see how pathetic our lives are right now! in 2 months i can only count 6 things which i've done. okay to make me happier. these 6 things are spreaded out into many things. pfft. please stop consoling myself and get reallll. okay work is a drag!!! haha it has its moments - fun at times and also dull at times. up to the design office i go from the hangar. whoosh!