Monday, December 29, 2008

party da funk

after covering a few parties, i realized, i suck! please do not hire nor ask me to cover your events unless you want lousy pictures. period.

and the year's ending, and i'm too busy to be nostalgic. what rubbish is that!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


results of an AWSOME race!
Asics GT1120 - HDR after Salomon X Trail

The inaugural Salomon X Trail race was awsome! And these shoes were the aftermath of the race. Jumping around, initial avoiding muddy puddles, threatening to devour your shoes when you sink into it, trying not to trip on the thick roots of the overgrowth and rocks, i thought to myself - OMGOSH THIS IS GONNA BE HELL LOTTA FUN! and hell it was! I think this might be the run that would inspire me to run trails in the future. At first i was afraid to bash through the puddles of mud but 5mins into the race, i was like what the heck just freaking bash through it's gonna get dirty by the end anyways! and so it began! while others were still running out of their way to avoid the i just ran through them and overtook many of them! After the jungle route it a series of hills awaited me! up down up down for the next 30mins and it exhausted most of the participants whereas, i kept my own slow pace and overtook most of them at the upslope. Towards the 7k mark, my pacer - Mr Lim Zheng Ping Eugene fell off and much to my "not wanting to run on without him feeling" , i had to run ahead to get a faster timing. But after a while, i felt bored and started greeting and shaking hands with the volunteers "cheering" the racers on - but only to those cheerful volunteers who weren't trying to "act cool" and not doing their job properly". Haha yea i know i'm choosy. Later, i developed a tatic to overtake people and it was to sprint up the hills and to let gravity pull me down for the slope. It was rather effective and me being the chirpy little runner i am, i clapped and cheered other runners on who were abt to give up at the slopes. The only part that totally killed me was this rather steep and rocky slope which caused me to jog slowly for the straights after that. Met gerald and sam chong on the other side of the straights too. I must say, the signs towards the end was kind of confusing as when i saw the 300m mark i thought it meant 300m to the next drink point, so i thought i must be another 1k from finish "sian" and decided to slow my pace down abit but just after the drinks station, i saw 100m and i was like omgosh its to the finish line and there, i started sprinting to the finish.

All in all, i enjoyed myself tremendously althought my shoes were sooo darn dirty. but i guess that's the momento from the race!

Here's my results for the race. Thought i could have done better but it's still pretty decent considering, this is my first trail run and i was still recovering from a flu hence no prior training for it ): Oh yea, i bet some of the participants thought i was kinda retarded for carrying tissue in my pockets and blowing my nose while running. some even avoided me! Arse-os! i owned your asses alright!

ps: my shoe is now clean and white again! (:

- pictures of the race are on my fb
- flickr pictures on the race

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tie those laces mister!

Kelong, Batam, 18 May 08

Put on your running shoes mate and lets run to the beat! It has been ages since i ran mann! like 2 plus weeks?! plus i've been down with the flu bug! However today's run was fantassstic! Didn't expect this recovery run to be so enjoyable to the point i extended my route twice! Managed to keep up to my normal pace by the end of the 5-6k run. The only downside was towards the last quater of my run, mucus and phlegm started building up and it was kinda uncomfortable. Snorting the mucus out ran through my mind a dozen times but that would be too disgusting haha! Looking forward to my next 7-8k recovery run on thursday provided it doesn't rain.
Salomon X Trail 10k Race is this Sunday! and i bet my timing would be over an hour, down by LOADS. that sucks! and the last of the flu bug hasn't left me yet!

♥ running ♥ my asics! can't wait to get my ds trainers! kinda disappointed when my mum told me that the dealer ran out of my size and brought a size 8. but noooo size 8 is wayyy to biig! dang. gotta fork out more money because instead of a 40% discount from the dealer i'll have to settle with the 25% one when i get mine from queensway. this sucks ): Bought a Salomon XT Wings trail shoe though, after much self-convincing. haha. dang. 160 bucks! after a 30% discount. come on people i do accept cash/giro/cheque. gosh. there's something wrong with me, i'm on a sudden buying spree on shoes. next up, Asics DS Trainer 13, Asics Onisuka Tigers!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


zomgosh it's been almost 2 months since my previous entry. and i've got a mental note to myself not to rant about the disappointing results where my 2 credit point module screwed my perfect score (damnn.. i just had to bring it up) and the disappointing human race run. Wellll. for those who don't know me, i'm currently an intern at Eurocopter SEA (ESEA) and its loads of fun! Loads of hands of work at the hangar. Can't say what i'm working on because of the commercial secrets. heh! Working life is totally different mannn. I found out that exercise and proper sleep is very important as it makes you more alert the following day. I'm begining to find it hard to find time to work out already and my running has deproved tremendously. this sucks haha!

so here's an update to what has been happening

i try to keep myself active on weekends, join runs/races and volunteer for races since i've been missing out on so much lately.

1. BAYBEATS 08!!!
okay I know that i'm a big fan of procastination and i'll finish editing the electrico and joy electric set asap!!!!
electrico, baybeats 08
electrico, baybeats 08

2. Weekly friday workout with the usual

3. Run for hope Singapore 10k (formerly known as the terry fox run but because TF run didn't allow any kind of sponsership they changed the name). Held at East Coast Park.
The Asics tee was awesommmmmeeee. it was proper dri-fit material and didn't give me any nipple abrasions yea don't laugh you!!! It was mr Lim Zheng Ping Eugene's brithday and he celebrated it by running this 10k. He's quite sad larh. All the friends that he invited all didn't come and join him in the end. So it was only me and himm. The run was fantastic!!

4. Sentosa outings
can't remember much on them. but i remember the most recent one which chris organised together with his TP cabin crew darlings. HAD A BLAST! haha actually not really la. sentosa is kinda boring now.

5. Weekly towning

6. Swimming with mr bangla aka eugene on weekends.

tsk. see how pathetic our lives are right now! in 2 months i can only count 6 things which i've done. okay to make me happier. these 6 things are spreaded out into many things. pfft. please stop consoling myself and get reallll. okay work is a drag!!! haha it has its moments - fun at times and also dull at times. up to the design office i go from the hangar. whoosh!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Nike+ Human Race

Really love that logo. Yep the nike+ human race is tomorrow and i'm not prepared for it! haha! going to treat it like a casual run. the race pack was rather disappointing. had couple of items missing. sent a complaint email to nike. The quality of the tee didn't match up to expectations too but the design is awsome. (: last thing to rant about - NO BLOCKAGE OF ROADS ALONG THE RACE ROUTE!!!! The race booklet is available online.

Singapore Race Route

and omg its been ages since i last posted! time has passed so quickly! submission of projects are long over and exams are waayyy over too! no more exams till UNI! YAY! spent the week prior to the exams mugging everyday at ourspace from morning till evening. freaking sian i tell you. well the last push for the final academic semester. hope i'll get good results to top the last acad sem.

so, as usual, post exam parties follows by closely. had a class gathering at chun's place. we bought the same amount of food that could feed the whole SE chalet for the first day. but no fear guys, we have many fat pigs that are capable enough to finish them. and indeed they all disappeared before dawn. met chuns, suele, eggy and the bangla at thompson plaza in the morning to get the stuffs. on the way there, coincidently i met leo who was heading to thompson plaza too, to meet tania. marinated the stuff with random concoxtions of herbs and stuff like the way we usual do it but chuns didnt have oyster sause!!! what a spoiler. had to make do with whatever then. overall, everyone had a hell of a time. this would be the last gathering before we all break and go on with our individual postings.

so 1 week has passed rather quickly and as of 1 sept i'm going to start my attachment at eurocopter! this week was rather busy with sentosa, fishing etc.

- cheers!

ps: sorry for the poor sentence structure, writing this before i turn in

Monday, August 11, 2008

Going on another haitus

Jurong Bird Park 26 March 08

School work has been piling up and i don't even have time to shoot. urg. But DDACP is OVER! 1 tough module which in my opinion deserves 12 credits has finally came to an end with the submission of proj 2, landing gear 10 and tut 3! This picture represents the same scenario of which I'm in bound by many external things unable to be free! The eyes tell us that it has accepted its fate and there's nothing it can do about it. But fortunately, unlike the bird the cage which I'm in will just disappear in 2 weeks time! omgosh that sounded so tacky! Beach bumming, BBQ, house parties, chilling, drinking, 10k race etc are the things i have to look forward to. wo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o! 22th is the date to look to. Till then, BACK TO STUDYING!

note to self: please do up a study plan

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the grass, the tree & the sky

Had an eventful past week, completed modelling the darn bombadier NLG part. As of today, i've completed most of the analysis and have decided to take the day off. But great news! Eurocopter replied on friday and my course manager said i might get in! haha!

Friday was the day the placement of IAP companies were out. A hilarious event indeed! Got into jet aviation though which wasn't my first choice. Friday was our group's "exercise" day again. While the rest went to swim, i went to gym with kheng kheng, followed by a short intense campus jog with chuns, ending with swimming with the rest of the guys.

Saturday was ubin "clean up" day. met some of the guys for changi v's nasi lemak and met up with the rest of the class to go to ubin. As pictures say a thousand words, they are up on my facebook, here & here!

okay okay enough rubbish from me. picture was taken at the bus stop near pasir ris mrt with a compact ixus 50.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Feather like sunset

a subtle and feather like sunset (reminds me of a pillow which my head is about to meet soon) while travelling along lornie. Loads of things have been happening in the past few days besides the mundane ddacp work.
  • iap announcement
  • ubin clean up

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

haitus one


Cedele's cinnamon bread topped with savoury Nutella! What taste like? TOTAL AWSOMENESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! hahahaha
ps. remember to apply a thick layer of nutella prefably 3-4x of what you normally put (but it is my normal amount)

after a long haitus from posting due to the heavy workload from school. BUT i've yet to complete many projects. Still a long way to go i must say.
but but, i uploaded some pictures i found in my folder
check them out on my flickr!

oh btw! my picture is going to be published on some edinburgh guide!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

another version

here's another version with some advice on photoshop from chris. don't know if i did it properly though.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i remember driving down the road

driving around the scottish highlands, june 06

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A year ago at SAV

Sunset @ SAV, a year ago while i was still helping out in the 7th Coy, BB

Found some pictures of Kate and Paul on my desktop. Did a shoot for them at macritchie resevoir when i was still a DSLR noobie (and i still am) about a year ago.. He some what reminded me about it earlier today. Good luck for your tests Paul.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Times!

Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin

Found this pic in "My Received Files" folder which leo sent over a couple of months ago. Used his camera ( Nikon d100) to take some photos. I think the composition of this picture is kinda messy. But haaay! i like that big withered tree in the foreground in contrast to the trees behind. To me, it represents a transition on how these mangrove plants wither off (not that i hope that they'll all just wither and die but yea.) We were blessed with wonderful weather and a nice cloud formations.

Happy times indeed! as compared to what we're experiencing right now - projects, projects and more projects and of course, the Design and Development of Aero-components and Processes (DDACP) projects are the killer. Spending hours after hours in the lab running analysis and not seeing the transition of day to night ain't fun! Picture was taken at the start of April before the guys enlisted and we all were as carefree as the wiiinnnnnnndddddddd. Spent the day cycling around ubin and getting lost! oh i miss the coconuts!

Now? they're in the army (it might be a good thing- so we have time to do our projs), cw is going to the states and we're stuck back in school. But heey! school's fun! how ironic.

So now i'll leave you with the pic to ponder. This is one of our last natural coastal/mangrove habitat in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore - conserve it.


PS: please don't look at the picture at large. view small. its kinda horrible when it is blown up. :(

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Napfa Goal!

Date: 18 July 08
Time: 4pm
Goal: GOLD w/ 26 points
wish me luck! esp with sbj (:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Workspace

nahhh. thats not my workspace. Not to sound geeky or anything but that's my dream workspace indeed. Check out those Macs! and the amazing view out of the window. What i'm getting now is a sky and an opposite block of buildings.

That workspace belongs to a gentlemen who goes by the name of pete carr, a photographer based in liverpool, uk who has published a couple of photography books. He uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) post processing the most (in fact 50% of his works are hdr) and i'm inspired by him to produce some magnificent HDRs if my ability allows. (: thanks for your inspiritation pete, all the way down from singapore.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008