Monday, March 2, 2009

vint sunset, punggol

Yesterday, the smile on my face couldn't be wiped off no matter how tired, fustrated or sian i was. Everywhere I walked, i made sure that there was a big grin on my face, leaving others wondering what i was so happy about. But my cheery nature soon faded slow, now, a "sian" expression is all that is left on my face. Occasionally, that big grin returned and people began asking - whats wrong with you today? - hmm. i wonder. i guess being in a different environment drains the smile away from you. i won't say i'm very upset or unhappy about anything as i'm contented with what i have. its just that i don't know why anymore....

For now, I feel that i've got no purpose in life. ~ a blatent lie to make it sound more dramatic~ the only remedy to this situation picking up the things that make me smile again which cannot be done at the present moment - photography, reading, friends, bumming, running, kayaking, rockclimbing.... the list goes on. and the countdown begins! and thus.

As the sun sets and rises, work resumes. life goes on. sigh.

ps: text was written as such to suit the mood of the pic.