Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Fort Canning Park, Dance School. Shooting with lou, mel & xule. D80, Tamron 90mm F2.8

I'm in rehab now. Deprived from the virtual world that connects me to all my friends. for 10+ hours a day, I'm barred from Facebook, msn, FlickR, Gmail and the all essential news feeds. All because the wireless in my company has been password protected due to some legal suit for copyright infringment. dammnnn. So once again, I'm in REHAB. I've never thought of myself as someone who's so dependent on technology. Well, this shall be a test for me and I think i'm going to fail. 2nd day into work as a temp staff and I'm thinking of quitting. Never have i been so bored and restless at work, resorting to mass texting and walking around to disturb the other employees/interns.

and so the song by Amy Winehouse rings in my mind
~ they tried to make me go to rehab but i said no no no ~

damn i want my facebook and messenger! time's passing too slow at work now. instead of counting down the hours, i'm counting the seconds!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

new year, same old me

awaiting landing at Phuket, Thailand airport. June 07

2009 carried many global events like the economic crisis, Gaza strip conflict etc over from 2008. The future is indeed bleak at the moment. Soon, we will see how everyone will be affected by the crisis. Its already starting, job cuts, bank bailouts bla bla bla. gosh. I pray for better times ahead. But at the moment, all we can do is hold on to our jobs and hope we can ride this one out. From the looks of it, it might even be as bad as the previous financial crisis. %

2009 will be the year where I pick up my boots and put on that ugly green uniform as part of my citizen duty to serve the country via national service. I will be sheltered and blocked out from the outside world 5 days a week for 2 years. The thing is, I currently classified under PES D which is a temporary fitness status until I go for my specialist check up on 12 Feb. Hope all goes well and I will get back to normal pes status of an A or a B. C is gonna make my life in army darn boring with an office job.

I dont believe in making new year resolutions but there is one which i will make which can definitely keep - keep healthy and exercise regularly - yep how cliche is that. pfft.

I am currently serving my internship at EUROCOPTER SOUTH EAST ASIA and gosh I have been so busy lately that i have not noticed that its already FEBUARY! 1 more week to the end of me being an intern there! but the work doesnt stop there. In ONE week, I have got to complete my internship final report and presentation slides, study for my qsmm final exam (25%) and complete the urgent project that my boss just assigned to us within 3 days?!?? INSANE?!!!!!! well after this better times ahead!!!!!! (: (: (: omgosh and i am so freaking sick now. lost my voice for 3 days, there after, i had a fever and have been coughing non-stop since. and my threadmill test is just next thurs (12 feb)!!! hope i recover in time man.

Urg i hate work right now. I am finally free after next week! But... (wait for it) ... I extended my contract with them for 2 months. Hopefully this is just a phase i am going through. you know one of these sian phases which will pass after a while and stuff... My new job title will be Temporary Hangar Assistant. Oh please. My work scope as no relation to that lohh! I will continue working under my current boss in the design office a.

Things i want to maintain this year
1. maintain healthy, being sick sucks totally.
2. chill with friends, one of the most awesome things
3. improve my fitness
4. PHOTOGRAPYYYY!! <3 <3 <3 was viewing my holiday pictures just now and goshh how i miss my cam!!!

Things to do when I am out of my job
1. Train for sundown marathon
2. run more, work out more
3. CATCH UP ON MY READING!!!!! I think it has been like close to 6 months since i read a proper book.
4. hit the beach
5. go on holidays
6. rockclimb/boulder
7. kayaking expedition!!!
8. scuba diving open water course
9. BUM!!!!!
10. get back to wearing contacts.
11. learn to cook some stuff before army
12. get more involved with BB
13. NOT staying at home the whole day everyday until i enlist
14. already mentioned on my - to maintain list - SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!!
15. get my long overdue SB 900 flash unit
17. help friends with what they need
18. i dont know?! zomg i am so waiting for this day! *jumps around hysterically*

oh wells. nights all. to reach that stage, i must first get past the hardest part. which is going to start the moment i open my eyes tmr.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


simplicity + heavy orton effect on skies

I've been waiting to post a proper 09 post for quite sometime but have been putting it off all these times. Now its feb and still no new year post?! hahaha and yea this ain't the post which i've been wanting to post for such a long. in fact its just another boring post of mine. maybe this is why i don't really like clubbing and other stuff ... hmm okay that was abit irrelavent. moving on...

this picture depicts the simple life of mine and of many others like mine. Simplicity and down to earth i'ld say is one of the many philosophies that i follow. However like many others, i aim to succeed in life, get a pretty decent payroll, enjoy doing what i do, stay healthy, love my family and of course friends. But even if i get rich someday, i will not forget my roots. I will still continue to lead a simple life even if i'm surrounded by the riches. I will not splurge on luxuries and in the future even if I make it rich, I will just get a Green car over the sports and glamourous cars.

This global crisis has shown us the mess that greed and many other factors has brought about. It has brought many people back to the basics of simple living and made people more humble. Soon, gone will be the time where these well off-ed people gloat about their wealth and achievements. I think people living simple lives will be happier than these morons caught in their web of success and wealth. Whenever this crisis ends, I hope people will learn to see where how a simple way of life is so much "...." and not to go back to being too materialistic and get sucked into that endless vortex of whatever shit that comes along with that.

Ultimately, in my opinion being truely happy cannot be quantified by wealth or success but by the things you do and whom you do it with. Eventually.... okay i think i'm typing rubbish and shall end here. Thirty to forty years down the road, i hope i will not be too engrossed in my work to be there for my loved ones. I will look back into the days of my youth and remember that philosophy that i once mentioned and go "oh i'm glad I havent forgotten it"

ps: i know that there are many errors in the form of words used, expressions phrased, sentence strucutre and stuff. but yea its 12 30am, i'm sick, i've lost my voice for the 3rd consecutive day and i'm having another fever attack. But overall this is what i feel right now.