Saturday, November 22, 2008


results of an AWSOME race!
Asics GT1120 - HDR after Salomon X Trail

The inaugural Salomon X Trail race was awsome! And these shoes were the aftermath of the race. Jumping around, initial avoiding muddy puddles, threatening to devour your shoes when you sink into it, trying not to trip on the thick roots of the overgrowth and rocks, i thought to myself - OMGOSH THIS IS GONNA BE HELL LOTTA FUN! and hell it was! I think this might be the run that would inspire me to run trails in the future. At first i was afraid to bash through the puddles of mud but 5mins into the race, i was like what the heck just freaking bash through it's gonna get dirty by the end anyways! and so it began! while others were still running out of their way to avoid the i just ran through them and overtook many of them! After the jungle route it a series of hills awaited me! up down up down for the next 30mins and it exhausted most of the participants whereas, i kept my own slow pace and overtook most of them at the upslope. Towards the 7k mark, my pacer - Mr Lim Zheng Ping Eugene fell off and much to my "not wanting to run on without him feeling" , i had to run ahead to get a faster timing. But after a while, i felt bored and started greeting and shaking hands with the volunteers "cheering" the racers on - but only to those cheerful volunteers who weren't trying to "act cool" and not doing their job properly". Haha yea i know i'm choosy. Later, i developed a tatic to overtake people and it was to sprint up the hills and to let gravity pull me down for the slope. It was rather effective and me being the chirpy little runner i am, i clapped and cheered other runners on who were abt to give up at the slopes. The only part that totally killed me was this rather steep and rocky slope which caused me to jog slowly for the straights after that. Met gerald and sam chong on the other side of the straights too. I must say, the signs towards the end was kind of confusing as when i saw the 300m mark i thought it meant 300m to the next drink point, so i thought i must be another 1k from finish "sian" and decided to slow my pace down abit but just after the drinks station, i saw 100m and i was like omgosh its to the finish line and there, i started sprinting to the finish.

All in all, i enjoyed myself tremendously althought my shoes were sooo darn dirty. but i guess that's the momento from the race!

Here's my results for the race. Thought i could have done better but it's still pretty decent considering, this is my first trail run and i was still recovering from a flu hence no prior training for it ): Oh yea, i bet some of the participants thought i was kinda retarded for carrying tissue in my pockets and blowing my nose while running. some even avoided me! Arse-os! i owned your asses alright!

ps: my shoe is now clean and white again! (:

- pictures of the race are on my fb
- flickr pictures on the race