Sunday, December 5, 2010

wow. that was 1 hell of a marathon. I went into the marathon with no prior training and an injured adductor muscle. didn't expect to get a pb out of it.

The race started over at orchard, running down through china town and finally to the usual marina route, ecp and back to the padang. wow. that was 1 hell of a ride. started off the first 10km with gerald and his friends, doing a 6-7min/km. haha i needed so pee so badly during that time that we went to some bushes near clark quay and just pee-ed oops! :x the route was good with everchanging scenery. it was like a tour of all the christmas deco! ahah

met many ppl along the way. omg the run after ecp was quite tortureous. it was HOT and LONG!, running through some back route to marina following on to the barrage. that was where it tested my mental endurance, which sadly i started to walk at the barrage. did like 30km ard 3.5hrs at that point of time. abt 6km to finish line after a gruesome 4hrs of running, something usuall happened after the barrage. i had chest pains. or rather some uncomfortable feeling at my heart. cos of that i walked another 3km, hydrating myself continuously then. maybe it was because i was dehydrated.

whoa then came up to nicoll highway. KILLER! i was running as fast as i was walking! but slowly but surely, i was motivated to hit a pb of a sub 5 timing which i did! according to my watch, i clocked 4hrs 50mins! :D could have done a 430 though if that thing didn't happen to me. oh wells! next time i better train! who knows i can do a 4hr marathon :D. till then... i'll be nursing my aching muscles and that strained adductor muscle which is refusing to let me raise my right thigh up without any difficulty. tata!